This a typical language-string:

We produce audio language recordings for children, aged 0-3, using 25 pairs of native speakers, which provide pronunciation and vocabularies for 25 languages:

Arabic (Ar), Bengali (Be), Chinese (Cm), English (En), French (Fr),
German (Ge), Greek (Gr), Hebrew (He), Hindi (Hi), Indonesian (In),
Italian (It), Korean (Ko), Japanese (Ja), Polish (Po), Portuguese (Pr),
Punjabi (Pu), Russian (Ru), Spanish (Sp), Swahili (Sa), Swedish (Sw),
Tagalog(Ta), Tamil (Tm), Thai (Ti), Turkish (Tu), Urdu (Ur)

One language-string (line 2,Tuesday Series – (4.6 GB) is:

Apple, Garden, Sky…Beam, Ray, Laser

Sequence* – (Sp),( ),( ),(Cm),( ),( ),( ),( ),(En),( ),( ),( ),(Gr),( ),(Ja),( ),

     (Fr),(Ko),( ),( ), ( ),( ), ( ),( ),( ); Know these 17 (_)?

                            (to start) for ages 0-2

The Monday Series™ (under review); (355 GB)
The Wednesday Series™ (under final review); (355 GB)

The Tuesday Series (355 GB -$19.95) — Buy Now

Sold “as is”, no returns and no warranties. Buyer accepts that translations are a “best effort” labor and that compromises are made to provide reasonable, meaningful results. For personal noncommercial use.

Let your child listen to these recordings for a couple of hours a day (preferably from birth). After age 6 months, an infant begins to discriminate against languages which are not heard. For a baby, the audio materials become deeply embedded and are correlated naturally.

Someday your child may want to use other languages – hearing these when young can help. About 85% of the world speak one or more of these languages.

                                                        Dr. Frank Hodgson, chief bottle washer

         Contact us at; saltbox7@outlook

Errata; In Arabic, the word “light” is light colored, but should be light weight.

* (_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_).(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_),(_)

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